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Tunnel Arches

hardway bending tunnel arches

The I-Beam and Wide Flange shapes used widely in modern steel construction are designed specifically not to bend. For many years, architects, designers, and engineers have relied on the strength of steel beams to create massive structures that are both safe and strong.

Which makes it all the more amazing is that the experts at Advanced Bending Technologies are able to bend these beams into all kinds of interesting shapes.

Bending Wide Flange structural steel beams the "hard way" is an art as well as a science. Advanced Bending Technologies combines both - resulting in products of unusual accuracy. Proprietary bending techniques developed in-house allow us to perform hard-way bending to very tight radii. Our advanced methods allow us to produce Tunnel Arches that fit first time, every time, thus saving valuable labor time on-site, where it counts most.

To eliminate the problems associated with the buckling of the inside flange in hard way bending, we designed and built our own custom tooling especially for this difficult type of hardway bending.

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