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Decades of doing the impossible with structural and architectural steel.

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Our expertise in the low-deformation bending of structural steel, pipe, and tube has allowed us to get involved in many interesting and exciting projects. Here are some examples:

Conical Bending

Stainless Steel Canopy

Conical Bends - Stainless Tube
Elliptical Bending

Cap Rails Installed on Research Vessel

Shipping Cap Rails
General Bending Examples

Gaylord Hotel & Convention Center Atrium supported by 42" dia. pipe

Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Olympic Speed Skating Oval, Richmond, BC

Golden Ears Bridge, Vancouver, BC

Pipe Bends - Oil Refinery

Stainless Bends

California Academy of Science,
San Francisco

Multiple & Tight Radii Bending

California Academy of Sciences

Compound--Wide Flange

Tight Radius--Steel & Aluminum
Pipe Bending

Pipe Bends

Induction Bender

Induction Coil

Compound Bends in Aluminum Pipe

Stainless Bends

Transporting 36" Pipe

Thermal Fluid Heater Installation of heater at a pulp and paper mill in Fort St John, BC. Advanced Bending provided continuous pipe coiling and testing of the 5"Sch40 pipe that makes up the central core of the heater. The unit pictured contains a total of 3,720 ft of pipe.
Spiral Bending

Staircase - 8" & 5" Pipe

12" Channel
Structural Bending

Hardway Bends in Wide Flange

Compound Bends in Wide Flange
Tube Bending

Hardway Bends

Steel Structure

Completed Building
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